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The Breath of Babylon

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Do you ever wonder what is going on?  Are things going on that you never would have imagined could have happened?   Did you ever think that we'd come to the point that we were discussing homosexual marriage?  Did you ever think that you'd live in a society that endorsed wholesale infanticide?   Did you ever picture a world where everywhere you looked you'd witness portrayals of elicit sex and horrific violence?  Did you ever envision a country where so-called free citizens would be punished simply for speaking their minds?  Did you foresee an America where a Muslim president would set his mind on taking away your guns?   Could you have predicted a world where big brother had taken over to watch your every move using everything from your bank statements, Internet usage to drones?  Did you think that an American president could institute a policy wherein the military would be used to kill American citizens at home?  Did you consider that there would be a resurrection of Hitler's Gestapo right here in America?  Could you ever have imagined that you'd live in a culture that endorsed every outlandish religion while persecuting Christians?  Did you ever picture America as a place where the leaders of society would not only blaspheme God, but would openly talk of eliminating Christians from our culture?  Did you conceive of the fall of the Republic of America in favor of a Communist dictatorship?

Has the world gone mad?  Do you ever wonder why and what can be done about it?  Or are we forever doomed?  Are we about to witness the fall of America along with all of its values?

The answers to those questions are the journey that you are about to embark on.  It is a long voyage that goes back to ancient times and the formation of two cities.  One of the cities is the city of man that has given us all of the horrific consequences that we witness today.  The other city is the city of God which has produced everything good that we have inherited from our fathers.   These two cities are warring for the soul of America today.

The winner of that battle will determine our future.  Will we wind up in bondage to a totalitarian antichrist or will we continue to receive the blessing of self-rule?  The answer to that question lies in the future of the church and whether-or-not the people of God return to the faith that has freed us from the tyranny of Satan.

For, as we will soon discover in this book, it is the church that is responsible for the mess we have found ourselves in.  The church has become Babylon and out of Babylon our current pagan culture has emerged.  And only when the church frees herself from the clutches of that abominable woman will America return to true liberty and freedom.

Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the LORD, Intoxicating all the earth.  The nations have drunk of her wine; Therefore the nations are going mad. (Jer 51:7)


Part One: Seeds of Corruption

 "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches."

Matt 13:31b-32 niv


Chapter One: The Soul of an Empire

 America Complains

By the summer of 1994, the country was inundated with explanations for America's problems.  From every corner ushered a different opinion.

Many decided that the problems came from the government's inactivity on crime.  Even though Washington had passed crime bill after crime bill, Wayne Konecny, a pipe fitter from Chicago mumbled, "It's all smoke and mirrors. . .It's not going to do anything but raise my taxes.  The Democrats want more social programs.  The Republicans want more prisons.  Neither one's going to do any good. . . The problem is we got $5-an-hour jobs in a world where it takes $10-an-hour to live."

Postal worker Janell Mullin complained, "We've got a serious problem, and I don't think midnight basketball is going to cure it. . . I think they should stop worrying about Bosnia.   If they want to send the troops somewhere, they should send them to the South Side of Chicago."

Tex Griffin, a lawyer shared his insight in the maneuverings behind President Clinton's Crime Bill of 1994: "You had the Black Caucus joining forces with the Christian Right.  You know that's just politics, just more gamesmanship."

Bill Biagi had quit reading the news from Washington while murmuring, "I voted for Clinton because I thought he could pull it all together.  After all, he's got a Democratic majority.  But he can't.  Maybe nobody can."

Yet America was just as discontent about healthcare as they were crime.  "Those guys in Washington are still playing games instead of working to solve the country's biggest problems," blazoned Catherine Forester, a trauma surgeon from Oakland, Ca.

"I feel like my opinion doesn't count," protested Bob Currie, a machine shop foreman from Franklin Park, Ill.  "The common person just doesn't have a voice.  The problem isn't Clinton.  It's not even the Republicans.  It's all about money.   It's the National Rifle Association.  It's the tobacco companies.  They've got the dollars and they get the attention of the politicians.  The people in office really aren't concerned about me."

"Don't get me started on the government -- it's a sore issue," warned Diane Ortel while standing next to a statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.   ". . .Everybody wants to cut things, so they all get up and say, 'I'll cut, cut, cut.' Well, one of those jobs they cut was my husband's.  And we found out he was loosing his job the same week we found out I was pregnant with my third child.

"I'd like these politicians to know what these cuts mean -- to real people, with real families.   My husband has a master's degree, and I'm a registered nurse.  And we're struggling, man.  We're driving an '87 van with 150,000 miles on it.  And college money for my kids?  We just don't have it."

"Clean up the act, it's ridiculous," advised Ellen Siebenschuh, a law student in Cleveland.  "Every other day, there's a story about the greed and lying and the not giving straight answers.  Like, just be honest and do your job and stop fooling around."

"Everybody wants everything, and nobody wants to pay for it," added Paul Thrasher, a factory worker in Springfield.

Maurice Patrick, a Chicago computer consultant who supported "none of the above" in the last presidential election, felt that there were days when Americans stuck together.   ". .  back then it was 'us against the world'" he lamented.  Today, with so much bitter fighting in Congress, Maurice contended, "It's more like 'us-against-us.'"

Sandy Self of Houston felt "hopeless -- kind of in limbo. . . They tried in the last election to throw out all the bad ones and try to get some good one in there.  It's the same thing.  So what can you do?" 

What was the problem with America?  Was it the lack of "love and tolerance"?  Was it the evil politicians?  Was it the corrupt system? Was it government gridlock?  Was it our foreign policy? Was it the fact that Washington is run by money and power rather than conceince?  Was it the NRA or the NAACP?  Was it the president?   Was it the fact that no one in America has a voice anymore?  What was the problem with America? What caused her demise?

To uncover the answer to this pressing question, we will have to go back to the empire of Rome.   It is here, in the years before and while Caesar Augustus was building his dream of empire, that the inhabitants adopted an ancient religion that would ultimately spell spiritual ruin for the modern Western world.


Not By Works

The religion of ancient Rome came from a long conflict between two modes of thought that have been vying for the attention of the world since the Fall of man.  Saint Augustine in The City of God described the conflict in terms of a division between two cities.  One, the city of man, is the glory of the humanistic spirit: the pride of man and the glory of Satan.  The purpose of the city of man is to lead its followers to everlasting torment.  The "City of God" on the other hand is comprised of the servants of the Most High God who have dedicated themselves to the purpose of proclaiming God's glory.  The message of the "City of God" leads to eternal life with Christ.

When Adam and Eve encroached on God's dictums in the garden, they were left naked in their sin.   The glory of God's Holy Sprit had departed from them at that point.  Though they attempted to fashion fig leaves to cover up their nakedness, their efforts ere in vain.  (Gen 3:7-8)  This exertion by man to fix himself through his own strength was the first expression of the humanistic spirit.  Humanism is the attempt of man to reach up to God through the power of himself.  It rests upon the foundation of salvation through works.

However, God could not accept man's feeble attempts to resurrect himself from his own sin and, therefore, God answered man's attempt at self-justification with the curse. (Gen 3:9-20)   Yet the ultimate work of God was to restore man to a place where he could one again dwell in the presence of the glory of His Holy Spirit.  This could not be accomplished through man's works.  Humanism had no place in the plan of God.  Therefore, it was God who, according to His grace, covered man with His glory. (Gen 3:21)

Since the Fall of man, two lines of worship have proceeded out of mankind, representing Augustine's two cities.  The humanistic line, or the city of man, which is characterized in the Bible as Babylon.  In this religious system, that we will soon find encompasses all non Judeo-Christian beliefs, is based upon the notion man covering himself up to atone for his own sin.  In this Babylonian religious system, man worships God in his own way, and fashions for himself a god made in his own image.

However, throughout history we find the "City of God" at work, opposing the fallacy and utter futility of justification through works.  This city is comprised of those individuals who will worship God on His own terms.  It is not based upon the works of men, but the grace of God.   In worshipping God His way, these individuals understand that man has been created in God's image.

The first time that we see these two cities in action is in the dispute between Adam's two sons, Cain and Abel. (Gen 4:1-4)  The very meaning of their two names indicate the two cities upon the earth.  Cain means vanity.  Abel means possession (from God).

In the story of Cain and Abel we find that God had no respect for Cain or his offering. (Gen 4:3-5a)  Indeed, the Scriptures tell us that Cain merely offered up whatever fruit came to his mind.  Likewise, Cain's offering was not offered in faith.

Abel, on the other hand was righteous, and, therefore, God accepted his offering. (Matt 23:34-25)   In addition, Abel offered the best that he had, the first fruit of his flock.  Indeed, Abel gave from his need, rather than his abundance. (Mark 12:41-44)  Lastly, Abel submitted his offering with an eye for God's will, his rule, and His glory.  Therefore, Abel's offering was not according to works, but according to faith.

By faith Abel offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain through which he obtained the testimony that he was righteous, God testifying about his gifts, and through faith, though he is dead, he still speaks. (Heb 11:4 nasb)

Indeed, Abel still speaks to the world today.  He is heard through the outcries of the "City of God" which beckons mankind to the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and the grace of God which was manifested in the act of God's sacrifice.  Those who follow in the manner of the sacrifice of Abel are the true worshippers of God.

As we know, Cain in his jealousy killed Abel.  This is the way it has always been with the city of man.  Humanism cannot bring itself to hear the words of grace.  It cannot bear the fact that its offerings of self-righteousness have been rejected by God.  Yet those who reject God's grace are accursed.  Therefore, God cursed Cain.  "Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand.  When you work on the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you.  You will be a restless wanderer on the earth." (Gen 4:11-12 niv)

Indeed, the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the city of man, because it is based upon man's righteousness rather than God's, cannot and will not yield fruit.  Cain was to become a man with no home, even as the city of man is without a home in God.  Indeed, Babylon has inherited an eternity of unrest with no fulfillment.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts, "consider your ways!  You have sown much, but harvest little; you eat but there is not enough to be satisfied; you drink but there is not enough to become drunk, you put on clothing, but no one is warm enough; and he who earns wages, earns wages to put in a purse with holes." (Hag 1:5-6 nasb)

Cain was banished from the presence of God who demanded that Cain would be a wanderer.  But Cain, in defiance to God's judgment, built the city of Nod.   (Gen 4:16-17)  Here we have the genesis of city-building in the name of the spirit of mankind.  Indeed, Nod means "shaking" or "trembling".  This is the position of those who live in the city of man.

As we see the early history of the word unfold, we realize that it was the city of man that was to gain the upper hand in the world.  By the time of Noah, Babylonian apostasy had become so profuse that only Noah and his family were left to represent the "City of God".  This was a time of decision.  When apostasy reaches its apex of development, God always takes measure to curtail it.  In the days of Noah, God destroyed the world with a flood, and only Noah and his family were spared. (Gen 6:1-9)  From that point onward God determined to start the propagation of man through the godly seed of Noah.

However, right away things began to go wrong. (Gen 9:20-27)  Noah became drunk and uncovered himself.  Noah's son Ham witnessed the incident and told his brothers about it.  However, Ham's brothers, Shem and Japheth, covered up Noah's nakedness.  When Noah woke up from his debauched state, he realized what had happened and cursed Canaan, who was the son of Ham.  Ham at this point became the bearer of the bad news of Satan to the world.  His seed gave birth to the bellows of Babylon.  This was the city of man.  Shem, on the other hand, received a blessing, and it was through his seed that God's Messiah, Jesus Christ, would come to redeem the world from its sin.  This would be the "City of God".

The plan of God was that man should disperse throughout the world after the Flood. (Gen 9:5-6)   The central purpose of this decree was to constrain the influence of Babylon.  It is when man is made "one" that he begins to think that he can make something of himself.   Again, in rebellion to God, during the years after the Flood, mankind refused to disperse and gathered around the person of Cush who incited them to build a tower dedicated to their own pride and rebellion.


The Tower of Babel

This tower, which represented man's efforts to reach up to God through his own strength, was located at Babel in the Euphrates valley. (Gen 11:1-9)  This was the same place that Eden, where man's first sin occurred, was located. (Gen 2:10-14)  Now, the vicinity of Eden would become the harbinger of Babylon.  Eden was a place where God once dwelt with man.  But now it became a place where Satan dwelt. (Rev 9:13-15)  Though it was a fertile valley, its fruit would be that of rebellion and apostasy to symbolize that fact that is was there than man first rebelled against his God.

There was not any stone or mortar in the Euphrates valley, so the inhabitants of Babel built their tower out of brick that was covered with tar to make it waterproof.  This demonstrates the extent that mankind will go in order to rebel against God.  They built the city to fortify themselves in a hostile world.  They gathered together proclaiming that they were wiser than God who had ordered them to disperse.  The tower itself was an affront to God; demonstrating man's defiance and rival-ship to Him.  It was the ultimate act of humanism as man attempted to reach God through his own work in order to make a name for himself.  Mankind would not believe God when He promised He would no longer send a flood to destroy the world. (Gen 9:11)  Their tower would be an insurance policy in the event that God broke His promise.   But that was not all.  The tower was built for the purpose of worshipping false gods.

Tower-building became the typical among Babylonian worship systems.  The tower of Babel was the prototype of all of them.  It was erected in six (six being the number of man and the antichrist) stages built upon a platform with a sanctuary on top.  The total height of the structure was 300 feet, which was equal to its breath.

Around the tower was an outer court, which was called the "Grand Court".  The wall of the court had six (the number of man and the antichrist) gates which admitted men to the various temples of worship.

The Babylonian worship center also included a walled platform, square in shape with four gates.   Inside the enclosure was a large building which measured 200 feet each way.

Around the base of the tower were small temples or chapels dedicated to the various gods of the Babylonians.  To the east were 16 shrines.  The principle buildings stood on the west-side.  In these chambers rested the couch of God and a golden throne.

The tower itself was in the center of all of these buildings.  Though it was six stages high, it had an upper temple resting upon these stages, which was the sanctuary of their god, Bell-Merodach.  The Babylonians, because they had a common religious base in the God of Noah, recognized one Supreme Being.  However, they had their own self-devised multitude of gods to accent the One God.  The manner in which they approached Bell-Merodach was to climb up 300 ft to the top of their tower.  Indeed, the tower of Babel was a true representation of man ascending up to his own god through his own works, rather than the True and Living God descending to man.  In this upper sanctuary, Bell-Merodach was represented by a statue, demonstration the idolatry of the Babylonian worship system.

Babylonian towers were commonly seen throughout the regions where paganism was practiced.  They were rectangular and built in stages, with an ascent along each side to the top.  They were places of pagan religious ceremony, always surrounded by chapels where sacred images were kept.   Babylonian towers were called Zigguratu, which means peak or the highest point of a mountain.  This was to represent the mountain top where Noah offered a sacrifice to God after the Flood. (Gen 8:20)  The Babylonian towers were locations for astrologers who peered into the heavens seeking spiritual revelation.


The Mysteries of Babylon

Though the Babylonians acknowledged the existence of a superior God, they were polytheistic.  They practiced animism, wherein every object, whether it is animate of inanimate, has a spirit.  This is how the historical American Indian understood the world about him.  This is nothing other than a statement of pantheism.  In order to get in contact with the spiritual world, the Babylonians contacted the world of the dead through ghosts.

Babylon was considered the religion of "mysteries" because it offered "secret" knowledge of spiritual things.  The more that a person became involved in this religion; the more he was entrusted with its secrets.   Spiritual enlightenment came through contact with "spirit helpers", "guides", or "the gods" who were, in actuality, demons whose sole purpose was to lead the Babylonians into the occult.  In order to enter into the divine "mysteries", the Babylonian priests utilized drugs, "sacred sex", and meditation which included incantations (or mantras) which repeatedly called out of the name of some God.  Thus, through these means they would be transported into the spirit world.  Sex rituals, both heterosexual and homosexual, were basic to the Babylonian worship system.

In the Babylonian system all actions became good and, thus, ideas of morality were abandoned.   Moral restrictions, according to the Babylonians, only kept people in bondage.  In contrast the concept of distinct moral values initiated by a moral God, the Babylonian was allowed, because of freedom from morality, to rise above the moral code because he wasn't limited by the outdated ideas of right and wrong as was the rest of humanity.  God to the Babylonian is morally inert.  He is neither good nor bad.  Therefore, morality has nothing to do with Babylon.  In the Babylonian religious system, morality is an individual matter.

Ultimately, Babylon is rooted in the deception of Satan in the Garden.  It was Satan who enticed Eve with the notion that God could not be trusted.  Therefore, Satan promised to reveal hidden knowledge. (Gen 3:1-7)  In Revelation, Babylon is defined terms of this secret knowledge that was revealed by Satan:

The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls.  She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.  This title was written on her forehead:






(Rev 17:4-5 niv)

It is Babylon who will be judged in the last day as God fills the earth with His wrath. For that reason, God has instructed His people to come out of her. (Rev 18:2-5)

Indeed, since the Tower of Babel mankind has desired to peer into the mysteries of God through some sort of ascent or other.  The act of doing this has been designated as mysticism.  Those who are involved in mysticism, whether they are pagans or Christians, are universally concerned about being translated, by experience, into the supernatural world. Consistently, because the understanding of truth is based upon those experiences, doctrine is lost.

Stay Tuned for More!!!!

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